About Clean Streams, Rivers and Lakes
A Virginia Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charity

Matthew J. Rainoff, President

A Virginia Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charity effective January 2021.
The specific purpose for which the corporation is formed is as follows:
Research, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing, Remediation and all other activities related to Achieving Safer Cleaner Water Quality on our Planet Earth.

We use various forms of aeration (whenever possible), various application techniques include safe, beneficial bacteria, patented diatom promoter and mined, processed granular calcium silicate.  All water treatment programs use only non-toxic safe to handle and use components.

We continue to improve water quality using natural NON HARSH CHEMICAL approaches to water quality management and nutrient reduction; including BIO remediation and other natural pro aquatic methods. By reducing excess nutrients you get increasing water clarity, controlled algae, reduced odor, & improved dissolved oxygen. Our solutions reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorous and can be long term solutions or short term improvements while other projects or long term solutions are being planned or deployed. 

When we do have to get rid of exotic and troublesome weeds, we use the best quality and shortest life herbicides and are licensed by the State of Virginia to apply aquatic pesticides; Pesticide Business License #15812.

CSLR is run by Matthew Rainoff, who has 30+ years of scientific experience in designing, integrating, implementing and supporting cost effective solutions for Nonprofits, Federal, State and Local Governments, commercial clients and individuals. Now Mr. Rainoff wishes to focus his time on helping the environment by using natural excess nutrient (aka pollution) removal techniques, this accelerating other efforts by implementing safer polluted water treatment, remediation and prevention.

PhD and Scientists at all our suppliers support CSRL in ALL aspects of design, solution development, technical support and providing PROVEN patented or patent pending supplies for all projects.

Anil Nanda - Diatom Promotion Scientist, Chemist

Dr. Richard Schorr - Distinguished alumnus of Ohio State University College of Engineering from which he received the Meritorious Service Citation

We believe the time has passed for most bulk STUDYING and EXAMINING of the obvious problems with excess nutrients, aka water pollution. It is time for safe, environmentally wise, actionable plans. We have working plans to treat and prevent Hazardous Algae Blooms, Cyanobacteria, clarity, pollution and other water problems at reasonable costs! Create more oxygen offsetting carbon air issues while getting your water healthier. Call now for effective solutions from a Nonprofit organization or click here for more information.

Call Matt at 571-436-6327 to discuss taking actions before it gets worse.


Clean Streams, Rivers and Lakes
An IRS 501(c)(3)
Virginia Non-Profit Corporation
Attn: Matt Rainoff

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