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CSRL works for private and public foundations, land owners, property managers, water authorities, civic associations, corporations, Federal, State and Local Governments as well as waste treatment companies.  Anyone who owns or is responsible for a body of water whether it is a Pond, Stream, River or Lake.

We aim to provide the cleanest clearest water quality without using chemicals

Develop Specifications and Objectives Using the Latest Technology:

Includes, determining the size, scope of work, budget and outcomes you are looking for.  We do small private ponds to streams and rivers to lakes of any size.  We believe we can make a measurable positive difference in the quality of any water body. We do this by using a unique combination of creating high level Diatom blooms in combination with safe Class 1 Bacillus Bacteria strains and Enzymes specifically designed to treat water bodies.  Here are some scientific papers that have driven our chemical free Diatom/Bacillus two punch pollution solution: 

Interactions between Diatoms and Bacteria

How Diatoms Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere

The use of Bacillus species in maintenance of water quality in aquaculture: A review

Diatoms recovery from wastewater: Overview from an ecological and economic perspective


Project Execution

Once we've developed a plan and set measurable goals to achieve we generate a project with estimated milestone timeline. Then develop any custom products, get them on order, and execute project plan steps, keeping the customer in the loop throughout the entire process. We then deploy the elements of our plan and work towards the goals and measurements outlined in our Specifications and Objectives.


Follow Up

One we begin executing the steps and stages of our solution we then follow up vigorously to ensure all elements of our plan are executed and working as expected. During this process we may make any tweaks or modifications due to learned facts.  If a change order is needed we'll address what, why and determine costs and options.  We then continue to execute our approved plan. Finally, we finalize and follow up continuously until our goals are achieved and the customer is given evidence by the third party water quality testing organization confirming goals have been satisfactorily met.  We will then make recommendations for continuous maintenance, if maintenance is not incorporated into the original plan.


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